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>> i like the jacket. >> we are looking at increasing humidity levels. smoking over there! you are going to feel the mugginess. the muggies are back, starting today, and it's already muggy towards fredericksburg with the humidity. the clouds streaming in from the north and west. at times today, overcast, but at other times partly sunny. noontime temperatures, still warm. again, the humidity levels are creeping up. code orange for the air quality. these storms up here, moving east, southeast. you can see the high clouds spilling in over the region. the rain should be mainny north of -- mainly north of us. 79 in town, but 64, very comfortable for winchester,
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cumberland, and 70 in laplatta. on the eastern shore, easten is 68. it's 5:00 a.m., and monika is stepping in. >> it's 5:00 a.m., and i'm awake. what do you know? good morning issue everybody. that's the green light because everything is looking fine. the beltway, no problems. zooming in to 270, and looking live. if you plan to come in from urbana no problem. the lanes are open to rothersville. we will zoom to the other side of town, the beltway north of town. live look from 95, university boulevard, silver spring and into bethesda. everything is looking fine here as well. the inbound side of 76 to the beltway, 10 minutes. the toll road to hunter road, looking good here. coming up in my next report, we will look at the v.w.
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parkway at 5:09. back to you. thank you. after an epic 4-month lockout, the redskins are back on the field. today is opening day of training camp. [ cheers ] >> it will be just 1 someday -- 1 day after the skins made major roster moves. kristin is live. >> reporter: today is the end of an era, much speculation on this. >> reporter: yeah, the end of the donovan mcnabb era. that was short lived. yesterday he was shipped off to the minnesota vikings, marking the end of the 13-month relationship between mcnabb and coach shanahan. many of his former teammates said yesterday they were shocked by the way the relationship between the two played out and said they are sad to see their now former quarterback go. >> i would be lying to say i wasn't surprised or shocked.
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i think the whole redskin nation was, but like i said it was a decision made by coach, and he made it for the betterment of the team, and you don't question that. >> to see a guy who has been a probowler six times, coming in to help us win more games but it didn't work out. now it didn't work. you to continue to move forward. >> reporter: the mcnabb trade was one of many changes made to the roster yesterday. the team signed a trio of receivers. daunte stallworth and brandon stokley. that brings the total number of receivers to 14. and they also signed josh wilson. it was a very busy day of wheeling and dealing, but the big question now of course, who will be the redskins starting quarterback? we will talk about it in half
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an hour at 5:30. surae and mike. >> no i want to know how. just kidding. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'm not ready yet. they are in my ear. back to you guys. >> things start to change the way it is, and we could find out in the next hour, who knows. >> the son of marion berry could be behind bars for a little longer. >> mayor christopher berry pled guilty yesterday to federal drug charges. in may shorts found save sandwich bags of pot and pcp in his apartment. officers were called in for some sort of a dispute when they found the pot in his apartment. supporters in the district are tired of bureaucratic delays, and they are want the new medical marijuana law to be implemented all at once. one person speaking out at the
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rally, ervin rosefield. a medical marijuana patient and writer. the former godfather's pizza ceo said they had the right to ban islamic mosques and said he would not want a muslim leader in his administration. yesterday he said he is truly sorry for his comments. if you forgot to pay an old parking ticket or two or three, the district will cut you slack. mayor vincent gray announced the 6-month amnesty program for drivers with old ticket. the catch, it only applies to the tickets issued before the start of 2010. the district expects to collect $6.3 million in the program.
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5:05 right now, time for your latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica is here. yesterday was a rough ride. >> reporter: investors are concerned that lawmakers have not come up with a deal for the debt ceiling, and stocks have been down for 4 days in a row. the worst decline for the dow in a month. the dow dropping 198 points yesterday. the nasdaq dropping by 75. s&p was off by 27 points. most of the nation's largest metro areas are seeing a sharp drop in foreclosures. it seems like banks are taking longer to move against the homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments. 84% of the metro area saw their rates drop this year. investors did have a big appetite yesterday. stocks down 47%. mike is happy because i brought
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donuts. investors say the outlook for coffee and donuts is good. it's because intern julie's last day is today. >> i like the chocolate ones. >> i like the glaze. what's coming up? >> we will talk about the debt ceiling and your credit cards because there's a link. >> i'm not thinking it's a positive link? >> you are correct, sir. a national game show host is injured chasing a criminal. that story is coming up. movie premiers are the norm in l.a., but it turns out last night had a very different script. some people in texas are happy about getting hit by a tropical storm tomorrow.
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coming up on 5:09 fauther. ly comfortable -- 5:09. fairly comfortable across much of the region. if you're down by fredericks burg, you know what i'm talking about. the rest of us are waiting for the moisture to increase, and the day planner, expect high clouds from pennsylvania. mid-day temperatures, upper 80s. this afternoon, low to possibly middle 90s if we can ink out enough sunshine. looking very hot tomorrow, and probably will need at least a heat advisory. i will have more on that the next time we talk in a few minutes. monica is in with the latest timesaver traffic. >> we will be flying south, jesup through laurel and all the way down to route 50. the v.w.
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parkway is looking good. surae, back to you. >> minnesota car accident thank you. -- monika, thank you. police responded to an unrulely crowd in los angeles. hundreds of people showed up for the premier of a documentary that was invitation only. some threw things and set fire to things whether officers said they needed to dispurse. alex trebek will have surgery tomorrow on his achilles tendon because he fell when he was chasing after a woman who stole things from him. the woman was in here 50s. some people say this offshore drilling is what they need a not too powerful storm dropping rain on the lone star state.
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howard says at 5:14 we will tell you what what -- about what is reappearing in his forecast. at 5:39, the shuttle program is over, but nasa has a new destination in mind. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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just about 5:14. howard bernstein with you. >> that's a good ted night. good night, lou! >> tv land, and you can still watch it. >> probably on netflix, too. >> talking about the space station, 9 years from now, they will skunk that thing in the ocean. 2020. it always had a finite life span, but it's hard to believe that it will be done in 9 years. >> it will be a corral reef if it does not burn up coming back. humidity moving in. clouds from the north and the west, still though, on the hot side. the temperatures above that 90- degree mark, and we start the morning with sunshine and 80, and i think we will see a few more clouds than what we are depicting there. partly to mostly cloudy at times, and it's because of the storms out of the midwest. michigan into ohio and now
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pennsylvania back to chicago. look at all of this action moving east, southeast. from this, we are getting clouds streaming in over the region. generally high level clouds that have been keeping the temperatures up. especially in town. also the proximity to takoma doesn't hurt that. very comfortable for the valley, wind chester, 64. cumber land, 64. but the mugginess in back with the temperatures in the low to mid-70s. locally a couple of 60s. menasis, 68. hay market at 68. at the airport, the official reporting station for washington, 79 and the heat index of 81, and this dew point has not gone up to 65. 2 hours ago, a sign that the moisture is returning. the relative humidity up to 62%. the bigger picture, the clouds spilling in east, southeast.
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the action from chicago westward. there's a lot of rain out of iowa and southern wisconsin. those folks are going to get pounded. if you have a light to chicago this morning, call ahead. there could certainly be delays. detroit also looking at storms here this morning. and that will be moving off to the east to new york and pennsylvania, and this afternoon we cannot rule out that some of this will slip into northern maryland overnight or early this evening i should say. overnight, most of the action is north, and then tomorrow afternoon, the daytime heating with temperatures upper 90s to near 100. we could pop thunderstorms in the afternoon, and then we will see what is left with the front as it comes through here on saturday. potentially giving us a storm or two. at least it will knock temperatures down into the low to mid-90s. big storms, and they could use the rain in south texas. this is tropical storm dawn. winds moving to the west, northwest, gusting to 50 miles
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an hour. west, northwest at 10. watch the forecast track from the hurricane center here. we don't need a hurricane. we will have maybe a strong tropical storm overnight into saturday morning. hitting corpus christi is the latest guest, but it goes not quite to houston. between corpus and texas. bringing much needed rain to texas where their drought conditions are extreme. hot on saturday, but not as hot. 94. sunday, also looking like we will have temperatures in the mid-90s with the afternoon storm. about the same story on monday, and cooler on tuesday. that's still hot at 91. >> we need a traffic update, and here's the lady with the information. >> reporter: i think i have that for you. if you plan to head out the door right now, no problems to report. we will look at the beltway and zoom in to 95 in virginia.
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a live look. dumphrey and then the bridge. leading up to 123, no problems into springfield. back out to the beltway. this time zooming out to 76. the inbound side, and no problems through centerville. moving well. route 50 to the beltway, and now a look at your travel times. starting off with 95 on the north side of town. 216 to the beltway. 10 minutes. to the wilson bridge, 9 minutes. 295 to the beltway, only 7 minutes right now. in the next report, we will look at 395 at 54:00. >> thank you monika. the district is gearing up to expand the bike share program. >> plans calling for 32 new stations to be installed this fall. it's the first major expansion since the bikes were installed
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last fall. >> there will also be 30 stations stations stations for the -- 30 stations for the baltimore corridor. time for the question of the morning. 10% of men admit they cannot do this one thing. throwing a ball, changing a flat tire or preparing a meal. >> lynn mullen wrote, c. prepare a meal. my husband can't even find the saltshaker. >> that's trouble right there. go to our facebook page and leave your response. we will reveal the answer later this morning. 
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5:22. great weather the last few days if you like to get outside, take a walk, and get in exercise. you may be able to sneak it in, but the humidity is coming back. high clouds from pennsylvania. by 9:00, upper 70s to low 80s. middle of the day, the mix of clouds, thicker north, more sunshine south, temperatures around 89 or 90 for lunchtime. again, more sun is out, and more clouds north and maybe a late storm. mike and surae. >> all right, howard. in sports this morning, so far the nationals nationals are not rebounding from the disappointing road trip. >> you thought home cooking
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would be good, but not so much. marlins with the 3-0 lead in the 4th. lance knicks with the solo shot, but mike cameron could not be stopped. he hits two homers on the night. the knicks had a chance to tie it up, and it could have happened, and boom! all the way to the warning track, and a few feet short. the nats lose their fourth straight 7-5. baseball trading deadline this sunday. drew soren could be on the block. he has been considered a promising part of the team's future but they have a greater need for a center fielder right now. the nba lockout hitting the 1-month mark on monday. that's when the leading players will return to the negotiating table. david stern, billy hunter, and others will resume talks on the collective bargaining agreement.
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the players say the most recent proposal would cut their share from 57% to 43%. the first ever city open in college park. nadia taking on brushard. not sure he is hitting all the right notes, but this guy is sure wowing the crowd. ♪[music ] >> this guy calls himself nordic thunder. some may call him cinder reel laffey. he -- cinderella. he got the u.s. air guitar title. he will head to finland to try to get the world title. today is the start of redskins trading camp. and local people are
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reacting about what could happen to their credit cards if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling. 395 here past the beltway and all the way to the pentagon. the lanes are open. you are watching 9 news now. stay with us.
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welcome back everybody. i'm surae chinn. >> and i'm mike hydeck. monika is in for angie, and howard has your weather first. >> reporter: the humidity is coming back. it will still be hot but not as dry, either it will not be as nice. if yesterday was like a 10 out of 10, or a 9 out of 10, today
5:29 am
is a 6 or 7. let's get you going on this thursday morning or friday eve as we like to call it. 89 by noon. 92 by 5, and if we get enough sunshine, we may get to code orange. these storms across pennsylvania, streaking over the area, but these are high thin ones. we will see enough sunshine to boost us into the 90s. a lot of mid-60s into the valley. it's 62 in maryland. here in town, 79. going up to 95 with enough sunshine, and if you're lucky. on bait in annapolis, you may -- on the bay in annapolis, you may be in the high 80s. i have the green light because things still look good out there. looking around town, the beltway looks fine. zooming into the drink.
5:30 am
-- beltway. the heart of the city now, 15 15th street at pennsylvania avenue, where there are no problems and no volume to worry about right now. over to northeast d.c. new york avenue, you can see a bit of volume here, but no delays through the northeast corridor as well. your trains. if you plan to commute this morning on metro or mark, everything is running on time. my next report, the g.w. parkway around 5:48. 5:48 -- 5:38. back to you guys. eric holder has agreed to meet with 9/11 family members on august 24th who want to learn more about the fbi inquiry into allegations surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire. he shut down britain's news of the world corp earlier this month because workers hacked into the cell phones of
5:31 am
soldiers killed in action and other people who had been murdered. a new york private eye was offered money to retrieve phone messages of september 11th victims. more photos have been released of the serial slasher. the man who has been attacking women since february, three of the attacks were on fair oaks mall. he distracted the victims and then he moved in and cut them with a box cutter or razor blade. police are convinced the man will keep striking until he is caught. a suicide bombing in kandahar killed the mayor. the bomber hid the explosives explosives in his turbine. it killed ghulam halder hamidi. he had lived in the washington, dc, until 2007 when he took a leadership role to help rebuild his home land. his friends talk about his
5:32 am
desire to help his country mend. >> he wanted to give back to his people in kandahar. >> two weeks ago, the president's half brother was also killed in dan rare. -- kandahar. the closure of walter reid medical center now feels more official. the army had a closing ceremony yesterday at the georgia afflalo case as part of the black realignment. the facility will be combined with the national naval center in bethesda. all patients will be transferred over in the next few weeks. in september it will be handed over to the state department and the district of columbia. with the house vote likely on the debt ceiling toe, it's -- today, it's time to look at your money. >> jessica doyle with the possible impact on your credit card. >> reporter: there could be a
5:33 am
real impact on you and your money. your credit card rates could soar if congress doesn't reach a deal. some shoppers at tyson's corner said they are being careful on how much they spend, but a rate hike could force them to cut back even more. >> i will not use my credit card. >> reporter: you will not use them at all anymore? >> no. >> the u.s. default, it's highly likely that the consumer will see the interest rate go up 1% to 5%. >> let's say you a $10,000 balance at 15% interest. minimum payments, it would cost you more than $25,000 to pay it all off, but get this, if the rate goes up to 20 percent, it will cost you $45,000 to pay it off with the minimum rates. really, really impact there. >> the downgrade would have a ripple impact throughout the
5:34 am
economy. local governments could also face higher borrowing costs. virginia and maryland are among the top states with risk of default because of the economies are so big. among the nonprofits at risk, the smithsonian, and princeton and yale are among the universities at risk. it's so wide scale, it covers lots of the economy. >> you can understand why the pressure is going up. >> so much at stake for our region. >> we always say we are lucky to have the federal government, but this is a down fall. >> today the redskins will begin their training camp 15 days before the first preseason game. >> after waiting impatiently through the lockout, fans are trying to keep up with the flurry of changes. kristin fisher is live in northwest washington with reaction this morning. good morning, kristin.
5:35 am
>> reporter: good morning, mike. let's look at the headlines. always fun to do on a day like today after the day the redskins had yesterday. the front page of the washington examiner. redskins seek lift from fresh faces roster shuffled as camp opens, and then my favorite over here. we have got, this is the sport the section for the washington post reading mcnabb is 1 and done. the big question, who is going to replace donovan mcnabb? who is going to be the redskins starting quarterback? the coach likes john beck who has been with the team since his rookie year in 2007. and then rex grossman, still an unrestricted free agent, whoever it is, it will be the team's 17 17th starting quarterback in just 13 seasons. talk about a quick turn around. yesterday the skins acquired a trio of receivers including
5:36 am
brandon stokley. that's the total number of receiver to 14. anthony armstrong said he's taking it personally. >> if they are bringing someone else in, i take that as i'm not doing my job well enough. >> reporter: with 14 wide receivers or excuse me 14 receivers on the roster, one thing is for certain, it is going to make for a very interesting training camp, which of course all gets started today at redskins park. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. kristin fisher live northwest. i can't wait for football. i know it's hot, but i'm excited. a new study offering comfort for parents who have children who are heavy cell phone users. heavy preparations are underway for the nasa mission to explore the largest plant in our solar system. time for your united airlines travel forecast on this wonderful thursday. temperature in the low 70s.
5:37 am
looking good. columbus at 91. they may see storms by chicago. chicago has storms this morning, and we are looking at potentially delays this morning. around 90 this afternoon. headed to denver, storms are also possible there. temperatures around 87 for the high. hot and pheonix. 109. vegas, 104. salt lake, looking sunny. hot. l.a. at 71. san francisco, sunny and 73. hot in reno, but nice in seattle.
5:38 am
5:38. comfortable in most areas but on the muggy side of the southern suburbs. the case today, increasing humidity with the clouds streaming in at times,
5:39 am
especially the high clouds from pennsylvania. looking at the day planner, you will notice the clouds mixing with sunshine. mid-day, upper 80s. this afternoon, low to mid-80s depending on how much sunshine there is. monika, how is it looking out there this morning? >> great. no problems whatsoever on the southbound side of the g.w. parkway. south from the turkey run past the 14th street bridges. you good to go this morning. in my next report, we will look at maryland roads at 5:46. we not a sneak speak at the fire station, number 3 on old dominion drive in the cherry dale neighborhood. fire officials had a dedication ceremony on wednesday. families got to meet the firefighters and check out the equipment. space exploration is going strong. nasa is setting its sights on
5:40 am
jupiter now. they will blast off juno. it will orbit jupiter 25 times after it arrives in 2016. the second largest city in the nation is shutting down their red light cameras coming up. a summer school that really rocks! and birthdays, former senator, presidential candidate, and nba hall of famer, bill bradley is 68. jim davis, 66. and former d.c. mayor, tony williams is 60. hugo chavez is 67. >> scott pelley, 64 today. elizabethberkeley 38, and happy birthday to our very own chief meteorologist. >> look at that picture!
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and welcome back. 5:43 is your time on thursday. i hope people got to enjoy yesterday because we are going to be closed in inside. >> the heat and humidity will build. it's not too bad. our suburbs are feeling the moisture more so than up north and northwest. we have readings down to the low to mid-60s for parts of western washington and west virginia. that's not too shabby at all. let's get you going this thursday morning. friday eve as we would like to call it. looking ahead. 80 degrees by 9:00. mostly cloudy skies, but they are high thin clouds. 89 and then if we can ink out enough sunshine, i think we can get to 90 degrees, but if the cloud cover is thicker, that will be low 90s for highs. the storms we are looking at, big time around the detroit
5:45 am
area this morning. we have a flight through detroit's wayne airport. the area north of pittsburgh, along i-80. this is where we see the thunderstorm activity. it may sneak down into northern virginia and maryland this morning. 63 in cumberland and oakland. it's 70 across the bay in easton. 72 in fredericksburg, and this morning, washington at 79. the dew points telling the story. in the 50s up here. this air is comfortable, but 72, this is starting to get on the muggy side and easton as well as the moisture, with the winds turning to the south work its way back to the region. 79. dew point is now 65, and this thing dropped into the 50s over the last couple of days. that's why it felt so nice. the wind, looking at heat
5:46 am
around the country. tomorrow will be the big, hot day with potentially 100-degree temperatures around here. big range in place around the middle of the country. north of the ridge, east, northeast, through chicagoland and back to iowa and through detroit as we were just looking at. that's one problem. the clouds are coming our way, and in the tropics this is dawn. 40-mile an hour storm. going up to corpus christi late friday night into saturday morning. for us, hot and humid conditions. today, 94. clouds especially this morning. for tonight, in the 70s near 80. there could be an early evening thunderstorm north of town. tomorrow, chance of 100 for a high. 94 on saturday. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, low to mid-90s with the chance of a few afternoon storms sunday, monday, and tuesday. monika is in with the time saver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. i have the green light.
5:47 am
food news except -- good news except for one issue. new york avenue at montana avenue. watch out, the signal lights are out there. treat it as a four-way stop. otherwise, things are looking okay. over to the beltway to zoom in. a live look at where things are looking fine. lanes are open from new hampshire avenue through silverspring and back to bethesda. we are taking a live look at 270. route 80 in urbana. down to route 109. okay at route 118 to german town. now let's look at your travel times. the inbound side of 76, the toll road to hunter mill road and the beltway, 6 minutes. 395 in springfield to the toll road, only 13 minutes right now. the next report, we will look
5:48 am
at virginia roads at 6:00. thank you, making news, new research is casting doubts on the health organization labeling cell phones as possible carcinogenic. cell phone use by children from 7 to 19 did not significantly increase the risk of a brain tumor, however, it is too early to tell if the risk for young cell phone users could increase later in life. more places around here are adding them but los angeles lawmakers have voted to dump the city's red light cameras. an audit found the city is losing money on the program because it only gets 1/3 of ticket revenues. other studies showed an increase of rear end crashes in some intersections. tombs have been unearthed that were 1500 years old. there was a temple and four burial sites including two decapitations that were buried
5:49 am
with headless er is -- headless ceramic pieces. a location like this in peru has never been found before. what can 10% of men not do? >> mike, you can do all of those things, right? >> of course. >> a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. jim wrote c. >> it's as important as changing a flat tire, something they should know how to do and do well before graduating high school. >> log on to our facebook page and leave what you think the answer is. we will give you the answer in about an hour. if you would like to make a new friend this summer, the washington animal rescue league is gearing up for a big event. 30 animals have been brought back from shelters, and vets will spend the next week or so checking the pets were health
5:50 am
issues or behavioral problems, and then they will be ready for a new home. >> we are having a big adopt-a- on this where we will -- adopt- a-thon, and we will be open for 36 straight hours, and we anticipate a lot of the animals will get into homes that weekend. >> if you would like to learn more about the animals who are available and see the adorable animals in person, go to and look for the story under d.c. news. 5:50, school is out for summer for most students, but that does not mean they are not learning really cool things. in the special summer edition of cool schools, it's time to rock. they are cranking things up. ♪ [music ] >> reporter: for those about to rock, we will teach you.
5:51 am
♪ yeah >> reporter: guitar, drums, bass, singing, this summer school is jammed, and 9-year- old sam adkins has the hair to prove it. how long does it take? >> it only took this morning, about 5 or 10 minutes. >> reporter: for almost 20 years day jams has been teaching students how to rock. future rockers get small group instruction on drums. >> i got my first snare drum when i was 3. i start 9 taking lessons when i was about 6. -- i started taking lessons when i was about 6. >> i have to write a song lyric and then the melody to do with it. the song you just heard was written in the car on the way here on tuesday morning. >> reporter: they also get to
5:52 am
form a band, and they even learn how to market themselves. >> we have named our band, and then we have to come up with a logo. >> reporter: going on t-shirts, posters, and other marketing materials, and they even make their own backstage passes, and they teach them just about everything. day jams is so good, they were able to make me, cameraman kevin king and intern britt rockers in about 20 minutes. mixing students with creativity. pretty cool for summer school. i like doing it. getting to be original and having my own song and stuff. >> pretty cool, huh? >> yeah! >> we are still looking for great summer activities where students are learning cool things even though it's summertime. you will hear more from them in a bit. i will explain. if you have idea the for cool
5:53 am
schools, e-mail us at >> were you playing the air guitar or were you really playing? >> no comment. >> if you thought you have seen or heard the last of those jamming kids, not true. >> here they are. they got up super early to play live for us this morning. we will have a live concert coming up. over to jess. >> reporter: bridesmades have you ever -- bridesmaids have you ever wore your dress again? a new option for brides to take off the financial pressure off the bridesmades, that story at 6:12. ♪ what if everything goes wrong and i make a mistake ♪
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:56. by 9:00, a mix of sun and clouds. 83 degrees. some 70s still out there. midday, upper 80s to low 90s. this afternoon, highs lower to mid-90s depending on the sun we could get. out to rockstar, mike hydeck.
5:57 am
>> we are having a great time. these kids are here from day jam, basically a school of rock. the name of the band, bankruptcy. -- interruption. what is the name of the song again? >> gotta get it. >> here they go. interruption. ♪ i'm trying to get this perfect. i'm trying to get this right. trying to make sure i don't mess it up tonight. ♪ i've got let my thoughts flow, and i've gotta let my self go. ♪ gotta get it right, tonight.
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♪ what if everything goes wrong and i make a mistake? ♪ what if you don't like my song? my confidence will break. ♪ but i've got to stand strong. ♪ gotta stand proud. ♪ try to get these words out, sing them out. ♪ gotta get this perfect. ♪ i'm trying to get this right. ♪ trying to make sure i don't mess it up tonight. ♪ i've got to let my thoughts flow and i've gotta let myself
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go. ♪ gotta get it right tonight. ♪ i'm under tons of pressure. don't quite know what to do. ♪ just want to get it down. ♪ so i can say this all to you. ♪ 89 news now at -- 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. the rocking show. >> yeah, right! [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> i'm surae chinn in for andrea roane. and monika is in. >> how are you? >> this is for mike. >> is for you. >> we are loving it. >> we are with rock star mike

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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 9/4/2011